Steve Marek
Recording | Mixing | Mastering
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Cybernetic Meadow Studio

Cybernetic Meadow has a unique collection of instruments, microphones, effects, and analog outboard gear. It’s an inspiring environment for writing, production, tracking, mixing, and mastering.  



Analog mastering:

- Neve Master Bus Processor
- Neumann PEA Mastering Console EQs
- IGS Tubecore Vari-mu Mastering Compressor
- Overstayer Modular Channel

Analog Summing: Shadow Hills Equinox

Outboard gear: Preamps from Shadow Hills, Overstayer, Neve, CAPI, Universal Audio, Meris, Avalon, and Sphere. There are several channels of outboard compression and EQ, and two effect pedal reamping chains to print effects tracks through all sorts of unique filters, distortions, reverbs, and delays.

- Focal Twin6 Be
- Satrom Acoustics mastering speakers
- Yamaha NS10
- (3) personal 16-channel headphone mixers for monitoring during recording. 

Instrument, amp, and effect highlights:
Moog Grandmother
Nord Rack Synth
Gibson RD Artist Bass
Peavey MIDI bass (control any synth with a bass)
Acacia 6-string bass
G&L L-2000
Ibanez Musician bass MC924 
Ibanez AXS42 Guitar
Ampeg B15 (1972)
Avalon DI
Fender Twin Reverb
Meris Mercury 7
Hologram Microcosm
Meris Ottobit
Meris Enzo
Moog Ring Mod
Chase Bliss Dark World Reverb
Chase Bliss Thermae 
Retro Mechanical Devices Jekyll and Hyde Filter
Red Panda Particle
...and many more!


The microphone collection here includes very new and very old mics. A few notable favorites:

- Josephson C716
- Coles 4038 ribbons (pair)
- Shure KSM313 ribbons (pair)
- Peluso P12 tube condenser
- Signal Art U47 tube condenser
- RCA BK5 ribbon
- SE/Neve RN17 (pair)
- Shure Beta181 (pair)
- Shure SM7B dynamic (pair)
- Shure KSM8
- Beyerdynamic M201
- Shure KSM141 (pair)
- Shure SM33 ribbon
- Shure KSM32 (pair)
- Shure  SM57 (x3)
- Oktava MC012 (modified, pair) 

- Shure Beta 52 
- Shure Beta 56

- Shure model 55
- Oktava ML-19 ribbon

- Beyerdynamic M500 NC ribbon
- Shure SM7B (modified, stubby)

- Telefunken M81
- Shure SM27 (pair)

All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace